The world of interior design, who can fully understand it? It almost seems mysterious. However, I can break down their process for you so you can understand the basics of what they do. There are normally four “foundational” stages to the interior design process.

What is the Design Process of an Interior Designer?

Meeting the Potential Client

This is typically the most exciting part of the process. The client is excited to see how the interior designer can help make their space more appealing. The two can discuss all the realms of design possibilities and then they can solidify the direction that they want to go in.

Some of the questions that an interior designer might ask a potential client are what are your favorite colors? Are there any colors that you hate? What kind of kitchen appliances are you attracted to? How many cabinets do you think you need? Is there anything off-limits?

All of these types of questions help to set the tone and the direction of a project to meet the clients highest expectations!

Work, Work, Work

This is the part where materials come together, the design boards are made, the space plans are decided upon before other complimentary decisions are made.

This stage might require a bit of patience. As there will be a need to communicate back and forth, to make sure everyone is on the same page of understanding. As well as, everyone understanding what is being ordered, to be used during the installation phase.

Everyone should be extremely concrete on what has been decided, before going into the installation phase. Sometimes the interior designer even call a few “Pow Wow meetings”, just to touch base and confirm everything is on track.

The Calm Before the Storm

Well, it’s not really a storm! This is the time where more behind the scenes work is happening. This phase is when the proposals and quotes have been sent out and the order has been made. Also, at this stage that the orders and deliveries are coming in.

The interior designer is pretty involved with furniture stores, fabric shops, painters and more. There will be a lot of coordinating with schedules to make sure things are delivered when it is most convenient for the client.

The Push

This is the phase where all deliveries have been made and now it’s time to do the installation. It is time to take what was put on paper and make it a real reality!

Although, this is the busiest and craziest phase it doesn’t mean that a client shouldn’t be in communication with the interior designer. Decided to call a interior design firm now? These are the important things to ask when hiring interior designer.